Are you a “Magician”, an “Outlaw”, an “Explorer”, or a “Hero”?

Think different and think NEWDEAL®!

New Deal Deicing is a Colorado based company specializing in the manufacturing and distribution of its Aerospace Materials Standards (AMS) certified NEWDEAL® Sodium Acetate / Sodium Formate Blend Long-Term Anti-Icer, a high visibility solid concentrate. NEWDEAL ® Blend meets current Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) regulations for use on all airfield surfaces. It is an ideal tool for long-term anti-icing to prevent ice from forming on the pavement.

“We tried all the different chemicals when we phased out urea as our primary solid deicer. NEWDEAL® Runway Deicer stood out in speed of activation as well as holding power. Two years ago, our shift began to use NEWDEAL® in a proactive fashion before storm systems. While the weather didn’t always cooperate, when it did snow the pre-application of NEWDEAL® made the whole event way easier to deal with. In Alaska we have limited amounts of daylight and very harsh weather. We need to be able to treat a surface and leave it with the confidence that the product will perform when traction is falling and pilots need to land. That’s the best quality of the NEWDEAL® – you can trust it. For a snow removal crew, the best compliment we can get from a pilot is ‘Braking Action Good’ and with the NEWDEAL® deicer part of our team, we hear it all the time.” – Ollie Sasser

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As a non-chloride, low corrosion, environmentally friendly product, NEWDEAL® Runway Deicer can also be used on all types of corrosion sensitive or environmentally sensitive pavement surfaces, such as helipads, parking garages, universities, hospitals, and corporate campuses.