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Congratulations to Our Customers Who Received the 2016-17 Balchen/Post Award!
Salt Lake City International Airport – Salt Lake City, Utah
Buffalo Niagara International Airport - Buffalo, New York
Aspen/Pitkin County Airport - Aspen, Colorado

New Deal Deicing is a Colorado based company specializing in the manufacture and distribution of Solid Runway Deicer for airports. We currently offer Aerospace Materials Standards (AMS) certified NEWDEAL® Sodium Formate / Sodium Acetate Blend Solid Airfield Deicer that meets current Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) regulations.

What We Provide

Designed for airport users, NEWDEAL® Runway Deicer is a true non-chloride, low corrosion, environmentally friendly deicer that can be utilized as a long term anti-icer or de-icer on any Aircraft Operations Area (AOA) pavement surface. NEWDEAL® Runway Deicer can also be utilized on other corrosion sensitive pavement surfaces, such as helipads, bridges, parking garages, and sidewalks.

Service You Can Count On

We offer a range of support services to meet the needs of each of our NEWDEAL® users. Our staff, experienced in both airfield maintenance and airport operations, provides technical advice and training courses on topics including weather scenarios, application rates, handling, and storage.