“Lots of ice this morning, and rest of the week. 16 degrees. Used 3 half bags of NEWDEAL this morning. Got the planes in and out on time!”

— Doug B.

“NEWDEAL has been working pretty damn good! The ground temperature was below freezing so the rain would instantly freeze. I pre-treated with NEWDEAL half hour before the rain started and it worked awesome as a pre-treatment. Didn’t have to use liquid at all, which would just wash away anyway, so we saved a lot of money on that. NEWDEAL pellets take a little longer than liquid to dissolve, but once it starts dissolving, it works great!”

— Ken O.

“I like the NEWDEAL so much better than the previous product I used. With the other product, you can only throw it on some ice to melt ice when it’s warm enough. But I can do so much more with the NEWDEAL. It allows me to pre-treat and post treat. It works 10 times better and is still less expensive than the stuff I used in the past.”

— Ian B.

“NEWDEAL allows me to go home! Thank you!”

— Louie M.

“On the evening of January 11th through the 12th we experienced 13 hours of freezing rain. With surface temperatures at 28 degrees and a steady rain it’s a real hazard and challenge. Applying liquid deicer to the pavement was not an option since the rain basically dilutes the chemical and washes it away which is counterproductive and very expensive. You just don’t have the holdover time required to keep the airfield safe. Applying NEWDEAL solid deicer gave us the holdover time required to keep our airport open and in a safe matter. Maintaining MU’s over 40 for 13 hours was outstanding. We thank New Deal for a product that we can depend on.”

– Michael M.

“NEWDEAL has been terrific, extremely effective and very beneficial for us. We have had a lot of freezing rain this year and I have used it to pretreat. It’s very effective as a pre-treatment option, as well as during storms. Pre-treatment is a new thing for us because the old product we used to use never worked well enough or timely enough to use in this way. NEWDEAL has given us more time and manpower to focus on keeping other surfaces clean thus making the operation more efficient.”

– Travis M.

“Our average temp for the entire month of February was 7.5 degrees and the wind chills were murder. We have a rubber blade on our plow that creates a Zamboni effect on our ramps. NEWDEAL cut the leftover ice like nothing and brought the icy spots right back to water. It worked very well. We saw a big difference from the previous product we used.”

– Don M.

“We had a weather prediction that called for freezing rain and snow after 1am. All of our flights were in by midnight. We went out and applied NEWDEAL on both our runways and major taxiways, and when day crew came in to open for morning flights, there was very little needed to be ready. Very little deicing and sanding needed to be done.”

– Keith B.

“An ice storm was forecasted for our airport on a Friday. In Thursday evening we sprayed our dry but 24° pavement with potassium acetate liquid deicer to act as an anti-icer. Friday morning the ice hit our airport and all surfaces went Breaking Action NIL. We ended up closing the airport. I spread one super sack of the NEWDEAL material on the centerline of our 9000’x150’ main runway and let it work as I ate my lunch. We then took our two 20’ wide snow brooms and slowly swept the runway twice. Within 2 hours of spreading NEWDEAL all surfaces that we treated and broomed were bare and dry. I was impressed with the product after 40 years here working in a NE Ohio airport.”

– Jack S.

“NEWDEAL speeds up the process by forming a barrier between the ice and pavement allowing the ice to be plowed right off as slush. It saves hours in plowing time as opposed to not using deicer and waiting for the temperatures to warm up.”

– Bruce N.

“We tried using NEWDEAL in advance of icing and greatly improved our results by doing so. We have adopted this method as our SOP.”

– Tim C.