FAA AC 150/5200-30D
FAA Airport Winter Safety & Operations Advisory Circular

Impacts of Pavement Deicing Products on Airports
ACRP Synthesis 6 provides a broad technical analysis of the effects of pavement deicers on aircraft and airfield infrastructure.

Concrete Scaling – A Critical Review
This report provides a critical review of factors that cause scaling of concrete pavements. It provides guidelines for accessing causes of concrete scaling and recommendations for creating concrete mixes that are highly scale resistant.

Preventing Vehicle-Aircraft Incidents during Winter Operations
ACRP Synthesis 12 provides information about factors affecting safe winter operations and the prevention of runway incursions by airport snow equipment.

Guidelines for Storm Water Management
ACRP Report 14 provides technical guidance to airports for managing and cost effective control of runoff from aircraft and airfield deicing and anti-icing operations.