The New Deal adventure began in 2009, deep in the hills of the Ozark Mountains. One of the founders, Jeremy Berven, was operating the small commercial service airport just outside of Branson, Missouri. Trying to run a safe winter operation with limited equipment and personnel, he was dissatisfied with the airfield deicing products available to him. With the goal of developing a more effective, longer-lasting runway deicer to help small, budget-limited airports run a more efficient operation, Jeremy and his wife Laura, founded New Deal Deicing.

As the years progressed, many more airports, airlines, and commercial users have become NEWDEAL® fans. However, our mission has never wavered. We focus on the Users, not the market share; on the Right way, not the easy way; on the Purpose, not the growth. Since the very beginning, we’ve stood behind the honest values of our aviation operators. It’s from them that we’ve learned passion can’t be faked, hard work can’t be outsmarted, and winter safety is worth fighting for.

We have 4 core values that clearly define what New Deal is all about. Our values are reflected in everything we do and guide us in making all of our decisions.

1. Deliver Extraordinary Customer Experience

2. Pursue Improvement after Improvement

3. Take the Responsible Path

4. Have Passion, Have Fun, and Thrive


Clean Runways

On-Time Landings

Families Reunited

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