“I wanted to write a quick note to you and your colleagues to let you know that we sincerely appreciate the great service and dedication that you’ve provided to us over the years. Post-pandemic more and more people seem to be simply shopping for the best ‘deal’ out there, they blow whichever way the ‘lowest price’ wind blows them without considering the service, dedication and support that they receive along the way. We find this mindset frustrating because we put a high regard on commitment and service, not only for ourselves, but for everyone that we work with. We appreciate your willingness to take our calls and requests without regard for the time of day and your perpetual commitment to give us exceptional ‘first-class’ service through the good times and the bad. Businesses run by people like you are a hidden gem. You likely don’t receive a lot of credit for it, but you make a huge difference to those that have the privilege of working with you. Thanks again!”

– Steve B.

“It’s always quick and easy to place an order with you and shipping is super fast. I always know I can reach out to you if a problem arises. Your level of customer service far exceeds what has become the new normal.”

– Mike P

“Thankful for your professional and efficient manner that our deicer is delivered! It’s very much worth mentioning that you are the epitome, a maxed example of, customer service in your profession.”

– Lynn H.

“You make it all happen. You’re a life changer!”

– Scott B.

“New Deal customer service has been stellar from the beginning.”

– Alana R.

“On behalf of the Airport Authority, I would like to thank you for the outstanding support your business provided during the recent snow & ice storm. Your company’s leadership, commitment, and partnership allowed us to not only keep the airport open, but it also ensured the safety of hundreds of flights and thousands of passengers. Companies like yours help us RISE to any challenge and for that we are extremely grateful. We are proud to work with you!”

– Doug K.

“Thanks for providing such top-notch customer service! It really sets your company apart from your competitors!”

— Andrew W.

“We love your service and your product!”

— Brian N.

“Did you guys hyperspace it up here?? Wow, that was fast! Thanks again for the knockout job!”

— Chris E.

“I know I can always call and have product to me almost overnight, which really helps us with our lack of enough storage for a season’s supply.”

— Craig P.

“Thanks for all your help and keeping the supply coming so we never have a doubt we can get it.”

— Travis M.

“What I like about New Deal Deicing is the great customer service and the technical expertise of its staff. They are always willing to explain how the product will work best in different conditions. New Deal has also exceeded our expectation on delivery time. We had a nasty sleet/snow/freezing rain event this winter and they made delivery in less than 24 hours to meet our needs.”

— Jesse F.

“New Deal’s service has been right on. It is great when you call someone for service and they are accessible and quick to respond like they have done.”

— Mike M.

“Excellent Service!”

— Doug B.

“The outstanding support that we get from New Deal Deicing coupled by a delivery service that is second to none, I can honestly say that your company is exceeding the expectation of what we ask. Thank you for the top notch service and product that you deliver to us. I look forward to continuing our Solid Deicer needs with you.”

— Kiwi K.

“I want to express my sincere gratitude for your extraordinary efforts to get material to us on Saturday, February 8, 2014. At the time, we were in the midst of a moderate snow event, running low on inventory, and expecting more freezing rain in the next 24 hours. Although you were under no obligation, when called upon, you made our needs your top priority. You worked diligently to provide us with the material you had available well in advance of the initial estimated timeframe and were instrumental in mitigating what could have been a very negative situation. Thank you for your assistance!”

– Sheila W.

“I ordered NEWDEAL yesterday and the truck was waiting on us when we got here this morning. That is great customer service! Even when we were seeing salt shortages I’ve never had a NEWDEAL shortage. Thank you for your outstanding service!”

— Dave H.

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