What Makes New Deal New Deal?

What Do Employees Say About New Deal?

“What I like most about working at New Deal Deicing is the opportunity to regularly learn new things.”

“Hard work does not go unseen and it is appreciated.”

“I am impressed with the level of accomplishment that we’ve achieved with such a small group of people.”

“Everywhere else I worked in the past, there were so many rules! Here, you got some freedom!”

“I like how we communicate between everyone here. Good management and communication.”

“They let me Be Me and involve me in all big decisions. I wish I had started working here sooner.”

“Thanks for giving me the opportunity to better myself and the Company. I appreciate y’all believing in me.”

“It’s a great feeling to come to work and feel being appreciated.”

And what they say to each other…

“I went back to drinking beers to prevent kidney stones.”

“Don’t worry Bro, there’s a bunny behind every bush.”

“Here, you got some freedom! You have the freedom to buy me a chicken sammich.”

“I’m gonna put my picture on a billboard and put it in front of my ex-wife’s house on Christmas!”

Clean Runways

On-Time Landings

Families Reunited